Rugby in Finland

Welcome to the website of the Finnish Rugby Federation.
Rugby union is one of the most widely-played sports on the planet and has roots in Finland that extend way back to 1968. A winter sport in most countries, rugby in Finland is played predominantly in the summer due to the potentially harsh winters, but the Olympic variant, rugby 7s, is played during these months so there is something to do all year round.
Often called a ‘sport for all’, rugby really is a home for people of all body shapes, mind-sets and ambitions, but the one thing that unites us all is a recognition and respect of the sport’s core values: integrity, passion, discipline, solidarity and respect. It is primarily these values that differentiate rugby from other activities and make it such an attractive and popular sport around the world. The last Rugby World Cup, for example, boasted ticket sales of over 2.5 million, average match-day attendances of 50,000 and a total, all-inclusive television and media audience of 1 billion people.

If you are new to the sport and are interested in giving it a try, there is probably a rugby club near you that would love to see you at one of their beginner’s courses or arrange a visit to your local school. You can view a list of clubs around the country – and how to contact them – here. After a few years you may even find yourself eligible for selection to one of our men’s or women’s national teams that represent Finland in both the XVs and 7-a-side codes within Europe!

Whatever your reason for visiting our website, we’re delighted by your interest in our wonderful sport and sincerely hope to see you in a pair of boots in the very near future.

Welcome to rugby!
Leena-Maija Vanha-aho
Finnish Rugby Federation

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