Finnish Rugby has made new plans to support domestic youth rugby. The plans will be introduced to the clubs in the Spring meeting in Snow Rugby.

There will be lots of happenings already in the near future!

THE KICK OFF April 4th-5th

A weekend full of rugby for all the U21´s of Finland. HRC and SRL are happy to offer excellent coaching by visiting coach Peter Tennet from England, as well as our “local boy” Jim Wetterström (WRC). Also people interested in coaching the youth are welcome to join!

SELL Student games May 16th

A great opportunity to make history in May by joining the first ever student´s rugby team from Finland. SELL- games gather thousands of student athletes to Tartu, Estonia to compete in different sports with the best attitude. You don’t have to be Finnish to attend. Still few spots in the team for those who want to join, but be FAST! Last day to sign up is 10th March 2014

MRT June 13th – 14th

We are looking at the possibility to organize an U21´s competition in Midnight Rugby Tournament. If we find three teams or more it is on!

More information about youth rugby and the happenings:

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