Womens 7s national team selection camp was held in Eerikkilä sports institute 21.-22.4. The team was of 12 and 3 reserves was selected by the player performances on the camp and previously. All 15 players will attend the coming domestic camps. I was happy to see development in players decision making, ball control and contact technique and support play. Unfortunately some players chose not to participate in 7s this year due personal reasons. Yet the selection between the 12 players and 3 reserves was a close call.

The team in 2012 EC-tournament:

Vilma Aho (WRC)
Lotta Casey (WRC)
Maria Huitti (WRC)
Niina Kärkäs (Rugby Club Paris 15)
Heta Lampinen (WRC)
Noora Plattonen (JRC)
Miina Porkka (WRC)
Satu Raudasoja (WRC)
Eveliina Sapattinen (JRC)
Virpi Sironen (JRC)
Anna Soiluva (WRC)
Anita Velinova (Wasps FC)

3 reserves:

Teija Alasalmi (JRC)
Kirsti Lammert (WRC)
Juuli Suominen (WRC)

National teams schedule this summer: domestic camp 12.-13.5., Amsterdam 7s 19.-20.5. and domestic camp 2.-3.6. EC-tournament and 2013 RWC qualifying (1st stage) group B is held in Belgium 9.-10.6. Top 2 of the tournament will continue to the 2nd stage held in Moscow 30.6.-1.7. In the first stage there are also Scotland, Ireland and Wales which will add interest both in group A and B. Finland will face Ireland in the pool stage and possibly Scotland later in the tournament. The pools can be found here:


36 nations in total are competing to qualify for 2013 Rugby World Cup:


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