Women’s Rugby Academy in 2014

The Rugby Academy offers Finnish rugby women a possibility to develop rugby skills towards the level needed in the national teams. Satu Raudasoja is responsible for the Rugby Academy in 2014 and Thierry Demoulin acts as the head coach. In 2014 the Academy will have four training camps held at Eerikkilä sports academy.

Following players were chosen to the Academy training group for 2014:
Reetta Alanko (Pori Lollers)
Niina Antila (Vaasa)
Siri Collins (HRC)
Viivi Haapaniemi (JRC)
Marina Harjunpää (Turku Swans)
Laura Johansson (Pori Lollers)
Noora Kallio (Pori Lollers)
Shanti Karinen (Warriors)
Tinjamilla Kavasto (Turku Swans)
Jessica Kindstedt (HRC)
Armi Lahti (Turku Swans)
Heta Närhi (Warriors)
Julia Pajula (Tampere)
Salla Seppälä (HRC)
Emilia Snåre (Warriors)

New players can be chosen at any time of the year. Contact Satu Raudasoja for more information: satu.raudasoja@nullgmail.com.

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