Finland Women Lost Friendly Against Scotland U20s
Finland XV Women went to Scotland aiming to get a win in the friendly against Scotland U20s but had to take a loss. The tight game ended with Scotland U20s winning 17 – 7. The Finnish try was scored by Minna Raatikka and it was converted by Susanna Karvinen. The Scotland tries were scored by Lyndsay O’Donnell, Cat Syme and Alex Read. The first try was converted by Amanda Moore.
Finland captain Minna Raatikka, however, was not disappointed with the game. She said she was happy about the excellent facilities that were provided and that she enjoyed playing very much.
-All the things that we have practiced and emphasized, we actually managed to make work on the pitch. That gives us a very strong belief in what we are doing, Raatikka says.
Finland head coach Tytti Yli-Viikari says that the work that had been put into preparations over the time of months could be seen in the game. Finland clearly had chances to win as well.
-The players have been working very hard and the rise of the skills level was clearly noticeable.
-In the future we have to go into the game more according to our own choices. For the first 30 minutes we were going too much with the flow of the Scottish game. Scotland were playing very forward style rugby, whereas our strength lies with the backs. We need to get more balls straight to them.
The head coach of Scotland U20s, Jules Maxton, says she was impressed by the Finnish performance.
-I understand rugby is not the first sport in Finland.
-The team was very committed. A lot of the time their game was better organized than ours and unfortunately just some silly mistakes let them down.
She commented that a key area of improvement for Finland would be handling skills under pressure.
– They were quite good to get the pressure up but need to work on the execution of the final phase, especially in the 22 meter line.
Maxton said she hopes that rugby continues to grow in Finland. The younger players are when they join, the better.
-The most important thing is to get games and more structure and to develop pathways to get younger players to join.
On top of the friendly, the trip to Scotland included a training match against Murrayfield Wanderers, who play Premier 1 in Scotland. After the Scotland U20s – Finland players were able to enjoy Women’s Six Nations as Scotland – Ireland also played at Lasswade Rugby Club. The game was won by Ireland 30 – 3.


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