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Referees in Finland are appointed by the Finland Rugby Referees Association (FRRA).

Whether highly experienced or just picking up the whistle for the first time, match officials play a pivotal role in each and every game of rugby. For both players and spectators, refereeing can be a fantastic way of giving back to the sport and helping to promote its development at grass-roots level. For those with personal ambitions, refereeing in a small country like Finland can also very quickly mean officiating at Championship level, being sent on exchange to foreign countries, and even involvement in Rugby Europe international matches. World Rugby recognised referee training courses are organised by a joint SRL-FRRA effort each year, often in tandem with other Nordic unions.

FRRA was founded in 2009 and is sponsored by Aussie Bar International with Garam & Vermiglio Catering recently joining us, allowing it to offer a complete set of kit sporting the FRRA logo to each of its members at no charge. FRRA is funded directly by the country’s rugby clubs and in return works to improve the standard of officiating and encourage more people to take up the whistle throughout the country.

If you would like to get involved in refereeing in Finland or would simply like more information, please get in touch.

For current members, please click here to access important documents and forms.

Stevan Thorne, Chairman

Level 3
George Mossford
Chris Gibbons
Emmi Laine (pending)

Level 2
Palemia Field
Stevan Thorne
Jaakkko Kanniainen
Stephen Whittaker
Thierry Demoulin
Isaac Visser
Mathias Solana (pending)

Level 1
Paul Davies
Janne Lumme
Colm McCaffrey
Elina Koski
Heidi Halttunen
Jatta-Mari Harju
Alastair Davies
Olli Linnosuo
Kirsti Lammert
Pati Bergholm

CMO’s – Coach of Match Officials
George Mossford
Chris Gibbons
Stevan Thorne
Palemia Field
Emmi Laine

Referee Educators
George Mossford
Chris Gibbons
Stephen Whittaker

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