The championship began on Saturday in a sunny Porvoo where Old Town Shamrocks hosted the Helsinki Warrriors.The visitors showed everyone why they are once again one of the favorites to win the championship. They won the match with an impressive 48-5 (0-20).
Warriors controlled the game throughout the match.The ball was moved from side to side and the Porvoo defense wasn’t able to tackle enough or to win the rucks. This led to Warriors continuously breaking through the Porvoo defense.
Tumpi Finell and John Wautai-Tariau were the best players from Warriors. At half time the game was 0-20.
In the second half Shamrocks managed to get their game going and the attacking play looked good from time to time. But the Warriors defense was working well. Shamrocks scored a consolation try at the end of the game which made little difference. Final result 48-5
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