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Lahti Sisu

Facebook Instagram About the team: Lahti Sisu is a growing rugby club in the south of Finland. We welcome everybody to come and play and train with us while enjoying the breathtaking scenes of the city of Lahti. If interested, please contact us through any of the following numbers and/or email. Coaches: Kazeem Busari 0466880730 [...]

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Saimaa Sharks

Website Facebook About the team: SAIMAA SHARKS Rugby Club is a start up rugby club in Etela-Karjala in South East Finland. The name originates from the location of the teams territory. Which is home to the southern part of lake Saimaa, also Finlands largest and most notorious lake. There was previously no sharks before but [...]

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Karjalan Rugby Joensuu

Karjalan Rugby Joensuu was formed in 2011 and ladies team started in 2018. The club presently plays in the Finnish Men’s 1st division and ladies play together with Kuopio Rugby Club. Our future plans are growth in players in both teams and for men to gain promotion to the SM Championship and for ladies to [...]

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Jyväskylä Rugby Club

Facebook Instagram Website About the team: Jyväskylä Rugby Club is one of the oldest rugby club in Finland. We have been playing rugby since 2000 and ladies joined the team in 2005.The values of our teamwork, discipline, enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship. They can be seen in everything we do whether it is playing or watching [...]

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