Suomen Rugbyliitto is organizing a tag rugby tournament that will be held in front of Kamppi’s shopping mall on Saturday 3rd of September. The SRL has been teaching tag rugby in schools around the capital for the last year and this tournament is the last “exam” for the pupils. At the same time, Rugby World Cup is starting in nearly a week, and it’s main sponsor, DHL, is also partnering this event with the SRL.

Tag rugby is a non- contact version of rugby and both female or male players can play at the same time.

Such a special occasion won’t be missed by Finnish national team members, who will give game demonstrations and assist the participating teams.

First game demo will start at 10.00, followed with an open training session to all interested. First tournament game will be at 12.00 and will be played by DHL Red vs DHL yellow.

There will be two pools, one for “non- rugby” teams and the other for teams experienced in rugby.

Bests of each pool will go directly to the Final, and seconds will play for bronze.

After that the path will take everybody to Aussie Bar, where the prize ceremony will be celebrated and some snacks will be offered to the surely exhaust participants. In addition, Aussie Bar is showing all RWC 2011 matches live!


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