Following on from Finland’s last defeat, the team dug deep to get an important 11.13 win over Greece in Athens on Easter Saturday. Finland’s points came from the feet and hands of Lasse Sariola and Joakim Grader with Jussi Viljanen taking 3 points from the boot.
Finland’s attacking game can still improve but defence, especially close to their own goal line was bravely efficient. Finland played courageously and kept their heads high despite Greece taking a 5-0 lead on the 12th minute and nobody backed down when Greece took more points from the boot on the 55th and 71st minutes.
Finland’s balanced team pay can be in part credited to their new Captain Andrew Myrie who was chosen as Man of the match along with Petri Virrankoski were chosen as player’s of the day for their continual difficulties that they gave the Greek team.

Team Victory

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