The finals day were hosted by Helsinki Rugby club in Töölön Pallokenttä. The first time rugby has been played deep in the city centre.

the day kicked off with the Division 1 finals of Vaasa – Porvoo. But were titans in their own respective divisions so this was set to be a true brute of a game. Vaasa showed themselves to be well and truly up for it by playing their socks off, Porvoo, not one to be left on the side also went hell for leather. Vaasa came through as victors taking the game 33-5 and secure themselves a promotion to the championship.

Next up was the Women’s Championship final, Warriors rugby Club vs Jyväskylä Rugby Club, bith of these teams are giants in their league and this match would prove to be a tight game and expectations proved true, after 80 minutes of hard toil from both teams Jyväskylä came away with the trophy in their pocket and the title of Champions.

the final game of the day was the Men’s Championship final between Tampere Rugby Club and Warriors Rugby Club, Tampere had progressed directly to the final despite losing 2 games in the season to Helsinki Rugby Club, Warriors, 5 times league champions overcame some league defeats to trounce HRC in the semi final and book their place in the Final, all the bookies favoured WRC with their 5 years of dominance and the nerves of finals.
Ding Dong of a game is not to be used lightly but this is exactly what it was.
Tampere showed they had come to town looking for nothing short of Glory by taking a 17-0 lead at half time. Warriors digging deep on experience made a huge fightback to bring score after score. Half the crowd were screaming for WRC and the other half of the crowd for TRUC, with the remaining crowd yelling anyway. Time was ticking by and players were dead on their feet, but there was no time for that, Championship silverware was at stake. WRC brought the whole game back to a nail biting finale with the score at 25-24 in favour of Tampere, the crowd scoreboard showed time had finished, but injury time and stoppage to be played meant the time to fall over from exhaustion was not yet. Scrum, penalty, turnover, scrum, phases and penalty meant the last phase of play was handed to Tampere, a penalty about midfield was launched into the stratosphere of Töölö and Tampere had defeated a 5 year winning streak and laid claim to the Championship trophy, Töölö erupted and the players were overcome with emotion. what a way to end the day.

Big thanks to all the teams for giving a spectacle, the crowd for showing their commitment to the game and even more so to David Mac Dougall and HRC for organizing a great event.

Chapter closed for this year, but if this year is anything to go by, next years leagues will be awesome. #suomirugby

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