The SRL runs annual courses in officiating coaching and Strength & Conditioning in accordance with World Rugby syllabi. There are cost to members of clubs that are registered to the SRL. World Rugby Level 1 courses in both fields are courses are held several times a year. Level Two courses are also held when demand is reached.

Anybody interested in joining the officiating or coaching courses should contact their club who are kept informed of all upcoming events.
Educational events can also be found from this link

The federations educators are:

Stuart Reynish – Level 1
Stephen Whittaker – Level 1 & 2

Match Officiating:
Stephen Whittaker – Level 1
Mariya Honkanen – Level 1
George Mossford – Level 1 & 2
Chris Gibbons – Level 1 & 2

Strength & Conditioning:
Aleksi Moilanen – Level 1
Kim Kärkkäinen – Level 1
Jaakko Kanniainen – Level 1

There also a wealth of online course in various aspects of the game.
All of the course are free and take a moment complete but bring a vast amount of knowledge to the individual:

World Rugby Passport: Passport
Rugby Ready: Rugby Ready
Laws of the Game: Laws of the Game
Strength & Conditioning: Strength and Conditioning
Anti Doping: Keep Rugby Clean
Integrity (betting): Integrity
Referees: Officiating
Coaching tips:  Coaching
Welfare: Players Welfare

You can also download the following apps to your phone:

World Rugby Laws of the Game

World Rugby Concussion Management

Get Into Rugby

Rugby World Cup 2019

HSBC Seven’s Series 2019

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