NOTE: This FAQ is meant as a rough guide to the full regulations only. If in need, please request the full document from your club.

How old do I have to be to play with adults in Finland?

A player is considered adult on their eighteenth birthday. An adult may play senior rugby without restriction in SRL competitions. Players who have reached their 17th birthday may play with adults provided that they are considered competent to do so by their club and the club has obtained expressed written permission from the player’s parents or guardian for them to participate. Players aged 17 may not however play or train in the front row of the scrum. In line with the guidelines provided by the World rugby, players 16 years of age or below may not play senior rugby, regardless of whether parental consent has been obtained.

Do I need a license?

Yes. All players, referee’s and pitch side staff (not limited to coaches, managers, physio’s and water carrying personnel) fielded in any SRL competition must be fully licensed and insured for every match?

Can I play for a club I’m not registered to?

In some cases, yes, but it depends on the competition. In the Championship, you must be registered to that club and then nominated as one f the 5 borrowed players for the other club. In the women’s Championship teams may borrow up to three players (without asking permission from the opposing team). In Div 1, any team can borrow up to 5 players of which 3 can be used on game day. These players must be informed to the SRL and marked on each game sheet. No borrowed player in Div 1 however may have started for any national side within the 12 months before game, or have played for another Championship side that weekend. Additionally, if your club does not have a 15’s team (in either sex), it is also possible to play XV’s rugby with a club different from your own.

I got a red card. Is there a disciplinary procedure?

Yes. Your case will be automatically referred to the disciplinary panel. Your club will be able to provide you with further details of what happens now, but at the very least you should provide them with your statement of what happened and they will submit this on your behalf to the panel.

I would like to cite another player. Is this possible?

Yes, but you must go through your club and they must notify the relevant parties of an intention to cite by 2359 of the evening in which the game was played.

How many players are permitted in a match squad for a XV’s fixture?

23 is the maximum in accordance to World Rugby laws. 23 players can be fielded providing 2 full front rows are listed.

We may have to forfeit a game. What happens if we do?

In the 7’s tournaments there is penalty for not showing up, but in the XVs competitions you will lose the game 70 – 0 and also be deducted one competition point. Furthermore, you will need to pay a forfeit fee of either €250 (in the Championships), €250 (Div 1) and €150 (Div 2), and you will also be liable for the costs of your opponents if you cancel within two days before the game.

My team is tied on points but ranked lower than the other. How was the tie-break decided?

  1. The points difference throughout the season
  2. The result(s) between the teams during the season
  3. The number of red cards received throughout the season
  4. A coin toss (or other random method supervised by the league and competitions manager

What do I need to note on the match report card?

The name of the player and their SuomiSport license number as well as those for support staff., highlight those players that are front row eligible, and note any borrowed players (and obtain the opposing team’s signature to support this). Full instructions are however provided on the match report sheet excel.