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New Head Coach for the Senior Men’s National Team

It is with great pleasure that the Suomen Rugbyliitto can announce the appointment of the new Head Coach for the Senior Men’s National Team Finland. This position is effective immediately and is concluded after great deliberation from the Technical Director and a panel of 4 independent reviewers to ensure correct procedure has been followed. The [...]

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Finland-Luxembourg team

The following players have been selected to represent Finland in the upcoming match against Luxembourg. Taking place in Joesy Barthel Stadium, Luxembourg on 10.05.2014 with a 1600 kick off. Forwards Mikael Ahola Kosti Eskola Fred Harrison Janne Heinänen Robert Hussey Aaro Katainen Mauno Konttila Aleksi Laitinen Marko Sallert Semu Salmivalli Christian Skogholm Olli-Pekka Tuomaala Dawie [...]

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Squad announced to face Norway on 20.10.2012

Squad announced to travel to Oslo, Norway to play the recently relegated Norwegian team, Kick off in Norway 1500, 20.10.2012 Mikael Ahola Andras Devenyi Thomas Finell Joakim Grader Pierre-Yves Guiban Janne Heinänen Aaro Katainen Mauno Konttila Elias Korhonen Antti Lammi Andrew Myrie Crispin Mäenpää Juha Rainvuori Riku Rynnänen Semu Salmivali Lasse Sariola Juuso Siren Ari [...]

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Men’s ENC Game against Luxembourg 06.10.2012

This coming Saturday sees the men take on Luxembourg in the 1st of the ENC games for season 2012-14. The game kicks off in Myllypurro Urheilupuisto, Helsinki on pitch 1 at 1500 As a warm up to the event the Women's National side in 15's are playing a friendly match against Switzerland this game is [...]

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Team selected to face Greece in Athens

Aaro Katainen (JRC) Bernt Lindel (EAGLES) Christiaan Freeman (VAASA) Galen Rangiawha (EAGLES) Ilkka Tuomaala (EAGLES) Isaac Visser (WRC) Jaakko Vilen (WRC) Janne Holtta (WRC) Joakim Grader (WRC) Juha Rainvuori (WRC) Jussi Keskinen (WRC) Jussi Viljanen (TRUC) Juuso Sirén (WRC) Mauno Konttila (JRC) Mehdi Marami (HRC) Olli-Pekka Tuomaala (VAASA) Petri Pallari (HRC) Pierre-Yves Guiban (RIP) Riku [...]

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