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Winners of 2019 Finals

Yesterday was huge 🙌🇫🇮 In the day's opener, Pori earned the first silverware with a 45 - 7 win over Karjalan Rugby Joensuu to claim the division two title, before Kalev followed that up by successfully defending their championship spot for 2020 against division one winners, Kuopio, in a 60 - 8 win. In the two [...]

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News updates

Most of our updates are small snippets of information and are posted via our social media outlets, primarily Facebook and Twitter.  Instagram is on the classroom going through the motions of how to efficiently use it. #SRL #SuomiRugby

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Anti-Doping online education

Suomen Rugbyliitto makes every effort to ensure that its member clubs and players promote a clean and competitive competition within Finland. As well as our high performance teams having to complete a multitude of World Rugby online exams ranging from fair play to concussion we also insist that all teams complete Anti-Doping lectures yearly. We [...]

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Weekly highlights video of Finnish Domestic competitions

The following videos are part of a new initiative - a video round up of all the weekends action. Featuring highlights from all games available from the relevant competitions: Championship, Division 1 and Division 2. Week 1: Championship: Division 1: Week 2:

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