Every year the Federation issues 5 awards.
Hall of Fame
A panel is selected to confirm 1 person to be inducted into the 2018 created Hall of Fame. This panel is made up of 3 persons from a group of SRL board proposed persons. The panel then determine candidates that are suitable and valid for entry into the Hall of Fame and then select from that pool 1 person.

End of Season awards
Each year 4 awards are presented at the Finals day to reward those who have been selected as the winner for their own category.
Male Player of the Year, Female Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and Referee of the Year.
For a while clubs were given the vote on these categories. With a strong recommendation that clubs did not nominate their own players or coaches so as to avoid a deadlock. The majority nominated person is then awarded with the title.
In 2020, the voting shifted from clubs to players, making the voting process much bigger but also taking into account the opinions of those that actually play against and under the other categories.

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